Things you don’t miss until they’re gone

This is bad. The newspaper and website Flanders Today is due to shut down on 1st October.

Flanders Today is the product of a bid request issued by the Flemish government’s foreign affairs department. Media companies bid on the project, and the department uses a number of criteria to choose which company to award the contract to, including price, available resources and design.

After 10 years, the foreign affairs department has decided not to rebid the project. It said that the decision was based on an audit carried out earlier this year on available English-language products, which include the website Fans of Flanders, VRT’s English-language news site FlandersNews and Flanders Today.

The staff and management of the site have launched a website to support the paper and are working on proposals to continue the title in a limited form.

I hope they are successful. Flanders Today provides a unique overview of the region and I, for one, would certainly miss it.