Sparks will fly

While the UK government continues to run around in tautological circles (Brexit means Brexit means…) the various parts of the EU have picked their representatives for the upcoming negotiations. What is clear is that the fantasists that Theresa May has put in charge of deciding what Brexit means are not in for an easy ride.

Michel Barnier, a French former EU commissioner, will represent the European Commission. Didier Seeuws will represent the EU Council – the heads of government – and Guy Verhofstadt will represent the European Parliament.

The decision, announced by EP political chiefs on Wednesday (8 Thursday), prompted a slight dip in the value of the British pound amid speculation that he will take a hard line.

Now there’s an understatement.

Verhofstadt is an uncompromising federalist and has been very outspoken in his reaction to the Brexit vote. It’s not entirely clear what his role will be in the Article 50 negotiations themselves, but any agreement will need to be signed off by the European Parliament and this appointment suggests that there is no mood to do the UK any favours.

I think the best way forward for Theresa May is to realise that the Brexit referendum was only advisory, that a four percent majority isn’t that decisive when faced with a constitutional change of this magnitude, and to quietly forget the whole thing.

Or maybe she’s just waiting for this to dawn on Johnson, Davis and Fox so that the Brexiteers can finally take some heat for their bullshit promises.