Satirists strike back

Today I learned that Hungary has a satirical political party and, according to EUObserver, the Two-Tailed Dog Party is the only political group that is running a visible campaign against its country’s controversial anti-immigrant referendum which is scheduled to take place in October.

Orban’s referendum, which is as cynical as Cameron’s Brexit vote was stupid, asks: “Do you want the European Union to be able to order the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary without parliament’s consent?” It’s a question that pretty much dictates the answer and, over the summer, the government unveiled billboards linking migration with terrorism and criminality.

“Did you know? The Paris attacks were committed by migrants,” claims one of the thousands of blue government billboards around Hungary.

Another government billboard says: “Did you know that since the start of the migration crisis there has been a sharp increase in the number of harassments against women in Europe?”.

“Did you know that Brussels wants to deport the equivalent of a town of migrants to Hungary?” says another one.

The Two-Tailed Dog activists, who managed to managed to raise 29 million forints (€93,600) in just two weeks have responded with a billboard campaign of their own.

With a characteristically satirical twist, their billboards ask: “Did you know? There is war in Syria” and “Did you know? Corruption offences are mostly committed by politicians”.

Also: “Did you know? The people are not stupid”, and the more abstract “Did you know? What?”.

This makes the Two-Tailed Dog Party, an opposition that receives no state funding, the most visible opponents of Orban’s attempt to manipulate voters into strengthening his position when he seeks to undermine their rights.

Long may they continue.