This week I have mainly been playing draughts with William. In Voxelands

It’s quite a challenge looking at a digital board from completely the wrong angle. But the game is slowly progressing.

2 thoughts on “Meta-gaming

  1. Yes. Voxelands is a fork of Minetest which is an Open Source implementation of Minecraft.

    As I understand it, the Minetest developers came up with a modding engine which they have focused on at the expense of playability. Voxelands has dropped the modding engine and seeks, instead, to deliver a game that is complete, playable and fun. And it achieves this remarkably well.

    The big advantage for me is that, as it’s open source, I have enough control over my instance that I can comfortably put it on a server and make it available to my kids and their cousins.


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