Duffercast 12: Don’t Ask

Good things come to those that wait. Also, episode 12 of the Duffercast has now been released.

As a Swedish proverb says: The wait for something good can never be too long. The duffers are finally back with an episode that was not only recorded, but also published. We sincerely hope the shock is not too great. And if it is, we hope it is pleasant.

Click here to find the full shownotes and to download the episode to your audio device of choice.

In related news, the Duffercast is now part of the Otherside Podcast Network, a community of podcasts from a variety of genres that tend to veer away from the more usual mainstream fare. Shows on the network include – but are not limited to – music, technology and discussions. So take a look, and then start updating your podcatcher.