John McAfee to run for US president

I have to admit that, on seeing this headline pop up in my news feed, I clicked through expecting to have a bit of a laugh at the expense of yet another slightly bonkers candidate with no prospect of actually winning. After all, his rather colourful private life has been much publicised to the point that any hope of achieving public office is wildly ambitious, to say the least.

But then I read this:

I live in a country that is governed by people largely illiterate in cybersecurity – as proven by the multiple government computer hacks.

Yet cyber-warfare is now the means of war. My government is dysfunctional. For the 300 million other Americans – you are in the same boat with me.

He has a point. It’s not just in the US that IT-illiterate politicians continue to make IT-illiterate promises to an IT-illiterate electorate, and then wonder why nothing ever works out as expected.

I don’t think John McAfee has the faintest hope of winning this – or any – election. But if can lever even a little IT literacy into the debate, then he will have done us all a huge favour.