Backyard camping

21st July is the Belgian National Day and a national holiday. As it falls on a Tuesday this year, many businesses stayed closed on Monday which makes for a four day weekend. And, for the second year running, the holiday weekend saw Macsen heading off for a week-long camp with the local youth group.

Sunday, therefore, was spent carefully following unnecessarily winding roads, followed by a beer and barbecue fuelled send-off for the kids. And, as we returned (along a much more sensible road), the twins announced that they, too, would like to go camping.

Fortunately, we have a tent and, while Monday was a bit miserable weather-wise, Tuesday was perfect camping weather.

The tent is still up and providing a handy bug-proof shelter for outdoor eating.

One thought on “Backyard camping

  1. Thanks for these photos, we are glad to know that it was possible to raise it in the garden. So, all your boys can have fun with it.

    Liliane and dANIEL


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