Someone Ate The Candle


Not all contractors. But some contractors.

Those contractors that turn up on a project, full of enthusiasm and utterly unable to understand why those damn data integration folks insist on things like frameworks, coding conventions and change management. Those contractors who cut corners and fudge their data so that they can roll out their project according to whatever arbitrary deadline they have been told to meet.

Inspired by this post on DevOps Reactions, I would like to propose a new term to be used when referring to the results of these contractors efforts: Someone ate the candle.

Someone ate the candle
Someone ate the candle

It would work something like this:

Financial Analyst: All the invoices for the pilot store are doubled. What is going on?
Contractor: …
Data Integration Person1: Looks like someone ate the candle.

I’m not bitter, just very disappointed.

1After four hours of digging through data and loudly wondering why none of this was set up in the test environment.

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