Duffercast 9: The first Dufferette

Episode 9 of The Duffercast went live today and, unusually for us, we managed to release the sort-of Christmas show sort-of in the right season. Well, our Christmas tree hasn’t been taken down yet.

Two duffers started a discussion. They were later joined by a dufferette and then a third duffer joined in. Why make life simple when we can complicate it.

Go enjoy the dufferdom at Duffercast 9 – The First Dufferette Ever!

6 thoughts on “Duffercast 9: The first Dufferette

  1. It’s a plastic tree, so it’s well but hasn’t been alive for quite some time 😉

    To be fair, though, we have got as far as unplugging the lights.


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