Tsuro: The Game of the Path

This is a recent addition to our collection of board games, and a very good one. What is nice about Tsuro is that the gameplay is as simple, or as complex as the people playing the game.

The board is a 6×6 grid and the players each start with three tiles on which parts of a path are marked. You place a tile, move your stone to the end of the path and draw another tile. Once the path takes you off the board, you are out of the game. The aim, of course, is to be the last player left on the board and the strategy consists of trying to keep your own path going while forcing your opponents out of the game.

It’s a beautifully simple game and one that is very easy to pick up. It’s also a game for which, the more you play, the more complexity emerges. As such, it is one of the very few games that really does work for all ages from 8 (or 7, in out case) to adult.

Each individual game is pretty short – the game takes as long as it takes to place 35 tiles – but its sheer playability makes this a very addictive game. We have played several games already and I can see Tsuro being pulled out and played quite regularly over the next few years.