If you follow my Quitter stream, you will be aware that this year’s horticultural efforts have been less than stellar. One bright spot, however, is that the blackberry bush I planted appears to be surviving.

The escaping chicken will be so happy when she finds this.

14 thoughts on “Blackberries

  1. The fruit seems to be doing reasonably well. It’s the winged guerilla I’m really worried about – she’s dug up some of the beetroots already and the blackberries have only survived because she hasn’r made it that far yet.

    Maybe we should hire a cat 😉


  2. Revolting and rebelling
    It’s the rise of the chickens
    If I was a better poet
    I’d be able to fit a Planet of the Apes reference into this


  3. (rofl)

    There is gno business like gnome business
    feathered boa poultry
    dancing and feasting
    while the human looks the other way


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