Kamikaze coalition

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Kamikaze Belgian Government?

The inclusion of the liberals opens the way for talks on the formation of a centre-right federal government with Flemish nationalists, Flemish Christian democrats and Flemish liberals. The Francophone liberals will be the only Francophone party in what has been dubbed the ‘Kamikaze Government’ as it does not possess a majority among Francophone lawmakers and in Francophonia the Francophone liberals will have to carry the can for everything.

Informateur Charles Michel is reporting back to King Filip in the course of today. It’s likely he will step aside. He can propose which parties can form the new federal coalition government. A Flemish Christian democrat could be appointed as formateur to form the next federal government.

Marc Van de Looverbosch: “The Flemish Christian democrats could propose outgoing Flemish PM Kris Peeters as the new federal Prime Minister. In this way the Christian democrats are not squeezed between the nationalists and the liberals. He is a figure of compromise. The Francophone liberals of MR will be able to say they are not entering an administration dominated by the Flemish nationalists.

The Kamikaze coalition holds 85 seats out of 150 in the federal parliament, but only 20 seats are held by Francophones.

4 thoughts on “Kamikaze coalition

  1. With all that juggling, the Head of State should rename himself “King Flip” , as he seems to have some role? Or is it just symbolic?


  2. Belgium is a constitutional monarchy, so the King’s role is more than just ceremonial, but what he can do is heavily constrained by the constitution. As I understand it, the king’s role once the election is over is to ask the leader of the largest party to try and form a coalition. If the first set of negotiations fail, the king asks the next party leader to have ago, repeatedly until a deal is bashed out.

    If I recall correctly, during the last set of coalition negotiations King Albert took some issues off the negotiation agenda. I never managed to figure out whether he actually had the power to do this or whether the politicians involved were gratefully grasping whatever get-out clause he gave them.

    Maybe he ought to rename himself King Nail the Politicians to the Negotiating Table 😉


  3. Maybe they need moar beer!

    Or less.

    King Nail – sounds like a Game of Thrones character.

    I guess it is a game of chairs….


  4. It’s more like The Magic Roundabout than musical chairs.

    More beer is definitely needed – beer and chips are the only things keeping the country together 😉


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