The CompuServe of Things

Phil Windley’s The CompuServe of Things is well worth a read.

On the Net today we face a choice between freedom and captivity, independence and dependence. How we build the Internet of Things has far-reaching consequences for the humans who will use—or be used by—it. Will we push forward, connecting things using forests of silos that are reminiscent the online services of the 1980’s, or will we learn the lessons of the Internet and build a true Internet of Things?

While I know that there are people building open and decentralised tools and protocols, we are rushing headlong into a new feudalism in which people decide which supplier to lock themselve into and then lock themselves in. We are moving, worryingly rapidly, towards a situation in which only a few geeks and nerds enjoy any sort of digital freedom at all.

The vast majority of people are far too willing to accept that all they need to do is decide whether they want Apple of Google to completely control their environment.

(Via BoingBoing)

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