No-one escapes from Tweedy’s Farm!

Sunday proved to be a busier than expected day. I stepped outside in the morning to find myself face to face with the leader of the local Poultry Liberation Committee.

Consequently, much of the afternoon was spent checking and raising the fences and trimming wings.

We await her next move.

7 thoughts on “No-one escapes from Tweedy’s Farm!

  1. Sir Paul, I am shocked!

    The plebeians are getting obnoxious. Gnomes, chickens… what is next? Badgers?

    I hope you maintain control in the garden. Democracy has its limits 😉


  2. It’s terrible, I know. And that chicken is still getting out.

    I tried to put the gnomes on guard duty but they demanded bright orange jumpsuits. I don’t think they’ve quite got the hang of how these things are supposed to work 😉


  3. Those orange jumpsuits… I wonder if they are being ironical? Gnomes are smarter than we think! But now I thinked that…

    If they organise a chain gang of their own, it surely is ironical. Maybe they want a grant for performance art? 😉


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