Of cupcakes, children’s parties and cranial catastrophes

Saturday was the day that the twins celebrated their birthday. It’s a couple of weeks early, but this date had some pragmatic advantages and it was off to Kinderweelde that we went. You have to have cake, of course, and for convenience Eve spent Thursday and Friday baking cupcakes. These had the added advantage of not needing to be cut while we were at the speeltuin and they turned out rather well.

There is no after photo as the cakes were demolished.

The party itself went pretty well. The nice thing about Kinderweelde is that you can let the kids their own thing and only need to be available top deal with bruised hands, black eyes, trapped fingers and… my head.

Don’t worry, it looks a lot worse than it is. Eve insisted that I see a doctor but he basically put a plaster on it and commended Eve on her first aid skills.

So, a broadly successful day was enjoyed by all.

7 thoughts on “Of cupcakes, children’s parties and cranial catastrophes

  1. Hello Paul, perhaps it you had kept your hair, your injury would have been not so bad……. In France when we worry about many thins we say “se faire un sang d’encre” (ink blood), but the real result is that we lost our hair…

    I hope you have no longer headache ?

    And many thanks for your sense of humor.

    Liliane and Daniel


  2. Hi Liliane,

    The headache cleared up nicely. I think the most shocking thing when I saw the photo of my head was to realise just how little hair I have 😉


  3. Hi Paul, the cupcakes look fantastic and the cranium – ouch!!!!

    Just make sure that you are fit for the invasion .

    Mum x


  4. The cupcakes were superb. It was convenient having individual portions, rather than a single large cake, with the number of kids running around and they tasted great.

    As for the invasion, I am fully fit and intending to milk the injury for all it’s worth 😉


  5. The hole in my head has scabbed over already and is healing quite nicely. It’s a bit tender if I knock it, but nothing to worry about.

    Next time, I will try to get extra cake without first running into an iron bar 😉


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