Cat and Mouse

CAt and Mouse This is a game we aquired at Christmas and one that has been pulled out a surprising number of times over the past few months. The game is for two to four players and is pretty simple. Each player controls a mouse which they move around the board according to a roll of the dice. Depending on the square you land on, you either gain one or two pieces of cheese, or you drop a piece of cheese, or you go up a ladder and drop down on a random location, or you get to send the cat after someone.

The aim is to accumulate five pieces of cheese, which is easy enough but if the cat lands on you a piece of cheese must be returned.

The gameplay is simple enough and relies largely on luck. As such, it is easy for the kids to comprehend and to follow what is going on. Judicous use of the cat, however, allows for the bare minimum of strategy needed to keep the game close enough to be exciting. Not that you need too much strategy, however, as sending the mice up the ladders and through the big cheese is a whole bundle of fun all on its own.

Cat and mouse is a short, simple game and one that my three to seven year olds can set up and play quickly and easily. The only problem is that the cheese randomiser can be a little too appealing for the younger ones.

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