Chicken Run

This is a real conversation (as far as my memory allows) from Friday.

Paul: So how many chickens are you thinking of getting?
Eve: The henhouse is large enough for four but I think three is enough.
Me: Any thoughts about names?
Eve: Not yet
Me: How about Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup?
Eve: …
Me: …
Eve: We are not naming the chickens after The Powerpuff Girls.

And on Sunday we became the owners of three chickens. Two of them look like this:

The names are still a bit fluid at the moment, but I definitely think that the ginger one who keeps trying to escape should be called Ginger.

Ginger’s escape attempts pale into insignificance, however, when compared to the achievements of Catchicken.

4 thoughts on “Chicken Run

  1. I think you watch too more the TV….. and what about a cock, to wake up every day, even on sunday ? It was a joke..
    Perhaps will you find eggs on the trampoline ??
    Thanks for this nice idea !


  2. If the white chicken does manage to get out, I suspect we will be cleaning eggs out of the boys’ clothes for many weeks to come 😉

    That said, we have now moved the henhouse so, hopefully, she won’t manage to leap over the wire again.


  3. ‘…you’ll have to be careful with those chickens.. They can break your arm with their wing…’ Wait, no…That’s swanns.
    It will be very interesting to hear how things progress.
    (I always liked the idea of a chicken tractor (to evenly distribute the chicken poo over the whole garden))
    Best of luck!


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