I don’t believe it!

I had a Victor Meldrew moment this weekend while looking at a Toy catalogue with Macsen. It turns out that you can now buy a scoop to pick up snow, a mould to form it into a snowball and a launcher to fire the snowball at someone. The catalogue in question was on paper, and the associated webite was unlinkably awful, but the same toys can be found on Amazon.

What’s wrong with picking up a handful of snow and lobbing it?

I mentioned this briefly on Quitter, but the advert also reminded me of an article I saw on the BBC last week: Are children given too many toys?

Psychologist Oliver James, author of the parenting book Love Bombing, believes children don’t “need” a vast panoply of toys.

“Most children need a transition object,” said James, “their first teddy bear that they take everywhere. But everything else is a socially generated want.”

This strikes me as very true. Certainly, my own kids have no shortage of toys and most of these end up left in boxes – ignored and then forgotten. They do each have their favourite toys and it is this limited subset of the available options that they keep returning to.

And, truth be told, more fun for all can be achieved by handing them a tool (be it a broom, a rake or whatever else happens to be seasonally appropriate) and making sure that they are able to help with whatever I happen to be doing.

Obviously there is a balance to be struck here and I am not about to embark on some sort of anti-toy crusade. Equally, though, if you have considered buying some over-priced replacement for an over-arm throw, one that is only going to be usable for about one week in 52, then your kids have too many toys.

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