Squirt 0.1

Some time ago, I started developing a command line FTP wrapper to allow me to quickly define and execute frequently used scripts. I have since spent a bit of time thinking about this and have now started extending it with the aim of supporting multiple protocols and, ultimately, some functionality to allow me to string scripts together.

I have created a development branch, 0.1 on GitHub, and will fix up the Squirt project page on this site sometime in the near future.

Although I don’t think that anyone is actually using this (apart from me, of course), I do want to note that switching to branch 0.1 will break the database (sort of).

When you run Squirt for the first time, the database will be created or updated. This time around the update will involve renaming the tables. In order to recover any pre-existing scripts you will need to go into sqlite with:

sqlite2 ~/.squirt.db

… and then execute the following scripts. In order

insert into squirt_scripts select * from scripts;
drop table scripts;
drop table config;

From this point forward, any database changes should be seamless.

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