Two score years and five

That’s it then, I’m officially middle aged. Time to drown my sorrows before I get started on my mid-life crisis.

Birthday greetings from Laphroaig

5 thoughts on “Two score years and five

  1. Congratulations to your half-90 birthday!! 😀

    (I am a little late, lately)

    I am surprised that you are 45! You do not look a day older than 44! 😉

    Is 45 the official middle age starting point? I am clearly past my apex then.

    Enjoy your whisky! 🙂



  2. Thanks Mikael, and don’t worry about being late – these youngsters rush around far too much these days 😉

    I have no idea whether 45 is the start of middle age or not, I was trying to crack a joke about the maximum age in the Bible being four score years and ten. However, on checking, it appears that I was wrong and the Bible actually says three score years and ten – which is why no-one ever lives past 70. Something wrong there 😉

    The Laphroig birthday greeting came with a 10% discount. I haven’t ordered the whisky yet, but will do very shortly and certainly plan on enjoying it for most of November 🙂


  3. I am quite bad at that rushing thing they discourse on in this era of velocity.

    We are indeed lucky we do not live in the Biblical times. Although Metusaleh would be the archetypical old fart, I guess.

    So if you are enjoying that Laphroig for most of November, that must be at least a magnum bottle? 😉


  4. Good point about Methuselah. I imagine he spent 900 years yelling “Get off my lawn!” at… well, everyone 😉

    The whisky is a normal sized (75cl) bottle, but I don’t get through it particularly quickly these days. It’s probably because of my age 😉


  5. Haha 😀

    Maybe Metusaleh is the (accumulated) angriest old git in history of mankind? Lot of yelling, I say.

    I have probably drunk the amount of just a few bottles whisky in my whole life. Not that I dislike it, I just drink very little in general. Now when I am on painkillers, ethanol has a stronger effect. Right old cheapskate, I am 😉


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