With friends like these…

With the UK general election still two years away, the Daily Mail has already started finding new depths with their recent attempted character assasination of Ed Miliband’s father. Obviously it should go without saying that the Daily Mail is a squalid rag and this mean-spirited attack is nothing new for them, so I don’t intend on going over ground that has already been well covered.

Instead, I wanted to speculate about what this tells us about the Tory party – or, at least, what the Mail thinks about the Tories chances of not being wiped out at the next election.

The Daily Mail is a loyal supporter of the Conservative Party and this latest attack is clearly partisan. It is also a very low attack, dishonest (not particularly surprising given it’s the Mail we’re talking about) and the sort of highly personal hatchet job that runs a high risk of backfiring. Quite honestly, it’s an attack that smacks of desperation.

It’s the sort of attack you would expect to see when things are going so badly that the paper launching the attack felt there was nothing left to lose.

This led me to wonder whether the Mail has some insight, some piece of polling data, anything, that points to a total Tory wipeout in 2015.

Then I realised that the Daily Mail is wrong about everything, so they probably don’t.