La Tourniole Brune

La Tourniole Brune It’s not often that France comes to mind when I start thinking about beer, but when we were in the country last year I picked up several bottles of La Tourniole. Last night, I finally got around to opening one of these.

La brasserie du Trièves is an artisan brewery, based in Mens, and they do a number of traditionally brewed beers. Brown, blonde and amber were the ones I picked up at the time, and it was the brown that I opened last night.

It’s very good.

The beer has a very rich, very full flavour with a nicely creamy head that reminded me a lot of Pilaarbijter bruin. It’s also very smooth and went down very easily indeed.

I don’t know what, if any, distribution arrangements La Brasserie du Trièves has but when I am next in the area I will certainly be picking up some more of this.

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