Rot for victory

Now that we have a garden our thoughts have turned to our ongoing composting needs. We did spend some time looking into the possibility of buying a composting bin but found that these things cost a lot for what is essentially nothing more than a plastic bucket. So, with a little help from Gamma, we built our own.

It took a day to build but, if all goes to plan, we should have a steady stream of soil enrichment available for next years planting season.

2 thoughts on “Rot for victory

  1. Hello Paul, I can send you some weeds if you want… It’s a very good idea, and I hope we can eat strawberries when we come in June ???

    It’s a lot of work, but it’s also very interesting for Macsen.

    Many kisses to you both



  2. Thanks Liliane, but we have plenty of weeds already. And we haven’t even started on the nettles at the front of the house. It has been a lot of work, but also interesting for both of us – and there is a sense of achievement from having actually built something.

    And if you ever need someone to help with digging and then filling trenches, I can highly recommend Macsen’s spadework. He is also exactly the right weight to stand in a trailer and shovel weeds.

    Macsen’s strawberries are doing very well and are starting to fruit already. If we carry on like this, you will be enjoying the freshest of fruit when you visit.


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