Lexi: End of an Era

Lexi, a German Shepherd, was born on May 7th 2001 and came into my life eight weeks later. From puppyhood all the way to adulthood, she lived to play. Everything was a potential toy to her (including, once and rather embarrasingly, a mobile phone that had been supplied by work) and everyone she encountered was a potential friend.

She had a good life, one characterised by boundless enthusiasm and endless affection and it was quite a blow when we learned – in January – that she was suffering from lung cancer and an inflamed liver. Because of the extent of the disease and her age, the vet didn’t think that attempting to cure her was a realistic option and she had been on palliative treatements ever since.

She was actually responding very well to these, until Friday when she collapsed. We took her to the vet but, it was too late for her and now there’s a huge gap in our lives that she used to occupy.

It’s a sad time and she will be missed by all of us.