Adding help text to CL commands

CL commands are handy, and they become even handier when you add enough help text for other people to get the most out of your utilities. So I’m thankful to Ted Holt of the increasingly misnamed Four Hundred Guru for pointing out just how straighforward a process this is.

Because I should, I have gone back to some of my earlier commands and started adding a bit of help text. DSPOSRLS is, admittely, a pretty trivial command as far as documentation goes – there are no parameters and the command can only be used interactively – but I have the source in front of me and the command does provide a conveniently simple place to start.

First, you need a source file in which to enter your help text.
crtsrcpf Library/qpnlsrc

The command I didn’t know about was this one: Generate Command Documentation (GENCMDDOC):

The Generate Command Documentation (GENCMDDOC) command generates an output file which contains documentation for a Control Language (CL) command. The generated file will be one of the following:

  • If *HTML is specified for the Generation options (GENOPT) parameter, the file will contain HyperText Markup Language (HTML) source. The generated file can be displayed using a standard internet browser, and conforms to HTML 4.0 specifications. The information used to generate the file is retrieved from the specified command (*CMD) object and any command help panel group (*PNLGRP) objects associated with the command.
  • If *UIM is specified for the GENOPT parameter, the file will contain User Interface Manager (UIM) source. The generated source is an outline for the online command help for the command. The information used to generate the file is retrieved only from the specified command (*CMD) object. This option is intended to simplify the task of writing online help for CL commands.

The command doesn’t write your documentation for you, but it does provide all the structure you need if you want your command to look like all the other ones on your system. It also makes it quite easy to see how the panel group syntax works.

And so, to the command:
GENCMDDOC CMD(Library/DSPOSRLS) TODIR('/qsys.lib/Library.lib/qpnlsrc.file') TOSTMF(dsposrls.mbr) GENOPT(*UIM)

This will create a member (DSPOSRLS) of type UIM in file QPNLSRC. Change the type to PNLGRP and then you can start editing the the generated text until you have something meaningful. The syntax struck me as being very reminiscient of Markdown which makes it quite easy to get up to speed.

Once you are hapy with your help text, you will need to create the panel group:

And now you need to rebuild the command with the help text added:

Because the panel group and command are separate objects, you do not need to recreate the command every time you change the panel group. The panel group can be changed as and when you notice the inevitable typos and the updated version will be loaded when you next press F1.

Having the help text baked into your command is handy enough as it is but there is one more rather neat trick worth mentioning. If, once you are happy with your help text, you enter the following command
GENCMDDOC CMD(DSPOSRLS) TODIR('/home/expatpaul') TOSTMF('dsposrls.html') GENOPT(*HTML)

… GENCMDDOC will spit out an IFS file, named dsposrls.html, with all the same text, but marked up for HTML. I have sent the file to my home directory but, if you use TODIR('/www/apachedft/htdocs'), the file will be created in the default location for HTML files that are served by the Apache HTTP server for i.

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