Killing queries with SQL

Back in the 20th Century, Query was a handy tool for… well, writing ad-hoc queries. The form-filling interface is remarkably simple – it really can be used by anyone – and rather inflexible. Now, of course, we have SQL – which is a lot more powerful – and a collection of third-party tools to help with the building your query.

But Queries exist. Some of them are on menus. They must be destroyed!

Here’s an approach:


The Retrieve Query Management Query (RTVQMQRY) command allows you to retrieve Structured Query Language (SQL) source from a query management query (QMQRY) object. The source records are placed into an editable source file member.

But you don’t have to have a QMQRY object to use this command. ALWQRYDFN allows you to specify whether query information is taken from a query definition (QRYDFN) object when a query management (QMQRY) object cannot be found. There are three possibilities:

  • *NO: Never use the QRYDFN. If the QMQRY object doesn’t exist, the command will fail
  • *YES: If the QMQRY object doesn’t exist, use the QRYDFN
  • *ONLY: Ignore the QMQRY object and just use the QRYDFN

Once the command is executed, you will have a member (called queryname) in library/member sqllib/QSQLSRC, based on query querylib/queryname.

And now your options are endless.

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