5342 posts in 149 months

If you have been following this blog over the past year, you may well be aware that I have spent much of the year equivocating over whether or not to pull the plug on Pulpmovies.com.

The equivocation has come to an end and now the deed is done.

The main cause of my hesitating over this is sheer inertia. I launched the site in June 2000 (after some playing around with the free homepage providers of the time – remember Angelfire?) for a couple of reasons. One of these was that I wanted an excuse to teach myself some HTML. Another was that I was single, living in Amsterdam, and watching a lot of cinematic oddities which I really was far too keen to talk about. The result was an erratically maintained site that grew, started to receive review submissions, developed and then lost a small community, and finally started to become something of a chore.

Time marches on, circumstances change, priorities change and interests change and over the past couple of years I have found myself increasingly disinclined to spend my evenings sitting through yet another zombie film. Exploitation films can be fun but, like fast food, are best enjoyed infrequently and, quite honestly, I need a break.

I was intending to just put the site on hiatus but after some minor credit card shenanigans I was left with the choice of using PayPal or closing down the site. So I have spent a bit of time extracting my original content (I don’t really want to hang on to an archive of press releases) and downloading the image files, and now the plug has been pulled.

All that remains is for me to remove some links from my About page (and reword any references to Pulpmovies into the past tense) and then go delete some no longer maintained social media accounts.

But first, I have some bedtime stories to read.