It’s a liitle disconcerting when I realise just how far out of date I have allowed some of the static pages on this site to become. The most glaring gap was on the Linux Projects page – I have been updating the sub-pages as I go on, but had rather neglected the top page. This is now corrected.

I have also updated my About page to reflect the fact that Pulpmovies no longer reflects a large proportion of my online activity. I have expressed some ambivalence about the movie site before and, while I shall probably keep it running for the time being, I am not putting much effort into it at all these days.

As ever, and in the interest of transparency, the original second paragraph read:

A large proportion of my online activity centres around Pulpmovies.com, a website devoted to watching and talking about independent films. The site has been going for over ten years and several incarnations which have seen it transform from a static collection of pages, hand carved in HTML, to the current all WordPress whizziness. It’s been an interesting ride and one that has taught me a lot. Running the site has also given me the opportunity to see a variety of innovative, original and truly excellent films that I would otherwise be unaware of.

Head over to the About page if you want to see what it says now.

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