Some more Bash customisations

Following on from yesterday’s post I have spent a bit of time playing around with the various Bash configuration options. The ArchWiki has proved invaluable in this (especially the Bash and Color Bash Prompt pages). Also worth a mention is nixCraft’s How to: Change / Setup bash custom prompt (PS1) and Bash Shell PS1: 10 Examples from The Geek Stuff.

The upshot of all this is that I have removed my mods out of /etc/profile and into ~/.bashrc. This means that I have a persistent script1 and one that I can easily share by pointing you towards my Configurate repository on GitHub.

1 When I say persistent in this context, I am referring to the fact that I have a seperate /home partition so that anything in /home (like, my data) will remain untouched by any future upgrades or re-installs.

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