Hammer films on YouTube

This is marvelous. By way of a press release, I learned today that Hammer Films have launched a YouTube channel on which they are promising exclusive new content from current Hammer productions as well as carefully restored classic Hammer feature films will be available to stream online.

There are several films on there already, including an HD restoration of The Quatermass Xperiment. Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, The Man In Black and Dick Barton Special Agent.

I’m off to take a look, I may be some time.

The History of Hammer in 90 Seconds

2 thoughts on “Hammer films on YouTube

  1. Interesting but I am not sure I agree with them doing so. After all they are are a commercial enterprise and who exactly are they helping here? Google.

    But I will of course be taking a look. Quatermass and the Pit and the early Hammer version of Frankenstein being two of my favourite films from their back catalogue.


  2. I think this is very clearly a marketing stunt and I don’t expect to see any films turning up on this channel that Hammer thinks they still might be able to sell. But as marketing stunts go, it’s a good one and I would far rather see these films turning up on YouTube than being left to languish in some warehouse.

    This really does strike me as a case in which everyone is a winner.


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