Pin-Up Sunday: The Barbarella Wallpaper Edition

Of all the DVDs and Blu-Rays I have scattered around the house, the one I have watched more than any other is Barbarella, the 1968 Jane Fonda vehicle that was based on the comics by Jean-Claude Forest. I am not going to attempt to make any defence of this film and will be among to admit that it is silly, tacky, exploitative… and an immense amount of fun. I am not sure when I first saw Barbarella, but it has had a lasting effect on me and remains a film that I enjoy every time I watch it.

It was probably inevitable, therefore, that once my existing desktop started to feel a bit bland and I started looking for a replacement, Barbarella would find her way into my list of search terms. And I seem to have struck gold.

The image below came from Los Muertevideanos, a Spanish language film and music blog and is taken from the original poster that also happens to be the DVD cover for my copy of the film. The site has several Barbarella wallpapers, which can be found here, but the one below appealed to me most by a long way.


As a desktop background, it’s a bit busier than I usually go for so I’m not sure how long I will stick with it. But for now, I am liking it a lot.