The Pulp Zombie Apocalypse

Yes, I Know. But with the implementation of the EU’s well-meaning but technically illiterate e-Privacy Directive I thought I’d best make sure that both my sites were cookie compliance. As ever, when using WordPress, there’s a plugin for that.

On this site, where I’ve learned from the various mistakes I’ve made with WordPress theme hacking, everything went smoothly. Over on Pulpmovies, not so much. I have no doubt that the problems I encountered were entirely down to the way that I had implemented changes to the Pulpmovies theme but a theme meltdown is a theme meltdown regardless of the cause.

My first thought was to try and fix the theme. My second thought was to remind myself that I had been getting a little bored of the old look. And my third thought was a memory of the Zombie Apocalypse theme that I very nearly used for this site.

So Pulpmovies has a bloody new look and a couple of new posts.

I am glad that I took a break from the site – I needed it – and I don’t intend on keeping Pulpmovies updated with the same frequency that I was doing. But the site is now off life support and, when I hear about new and particularly interesting independent films, updates will happen.

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