Today I have been mostly listening to The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

It was last month that I mentioned the awesomely titled album, This May Be The Reason Why The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional Weapons.

Of course I preordered it and the CD turned up yesterday. It’s superb.

According to their page:

The Men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing is a steampunk band from London. Their name is a reference to the chalked graffiti discovered above a section of blood-stained apron thought to have been discarded by Jack the Ripper as he fled the scene of Catherine Eddowes’ murder. They describe themselves as “Crusty punk meets cockney sing-songs meets grindcore in the 1880s.”

This is all true enough but what did surprise me is the remarkably impressive variety of tone across the album.

The album opens with Victoria’s Secret (chorus: Zombie Albert!) and Margate FHTAGN (which should need no explanation) which are both fun and funny, as is Brunel, the song that convinceme to order the album.

Taking a slightly more serious tone, lyrically if not musically, is Doing it for the Whigs, a Sex Pistols inspired rant against the squalour of Victorian politics and The Great Stink, a similarly angry response to the squalour of Victorian society.

And then there is the genuinely moving Mutiny In The Common Soldiery, which is embedded below.

Mutiny In The Common Soldiery