Somewhere along the line, Exaile became the default media player for Sabayon. I looked at this way back in 2007, as well as a few others. I wasn’t overly impressed at the time and quite quickly went back to using Rhythmbox. But since I have the latest version of Exaile I thought I might as well take another look at it and the project really has come on.

Importing my music collection was easy enough and, after shifting the notifications around and connecting the application to my Last.fm profile, I was ready to go.

The main reason I have stuck with Rhythmbox for so long is that I have tended to take the view that a media player is a media player is a media player. And for the most part, this is true. I want an application that will play either an album or a selection of tracks without impacting on whatever else I happen to be doing – and Exaile does a perfectly good job of delivering this.

Then I noticed a button labelled “Dynamically add similar tracks to the playlist”. So I clicked it and started playing Fegmania to see what it would come up with.

These are the results so far:

I’m impressed.

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