Quote of the Day: Desperately Ignorant

The irony is that all these comments that have been seized on with such glee are actually simple repeats of what was in “The God Delusion” all along. And so we have the delicious comedy of views which until recently were condemned by the religious as arrogant, aggressive and fundamentalist suddenly now being proclaimed by those same religious as signs that Dawkins is unsure of his position and halfway to accepting Jesus as his Lord and Saviour!

– Paula Kirby, responding to the rather over-excited reaction of many Christians to the news that Richard Dawkins is an agnostic about God… to the same extent that he is also an agnostic about fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Kirby goes on to discuss what their willingness to misrepresent Dawkins words reveals about the faithful. Go read it.

H/T: Jerry Coyne

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