The perfect tablet user identified

I have often said that I don’t really see the point of the tablet form factor. Android tablets and iPads alike strike me as being devices that are a collection of compromises – less portable than a phone and less powerful that a laptop – and, as such, not particularly useful. However, here’s one that might make me change my mind.

According to El Reg, Inspiration Works are preparing to unleash a tablet specifically targeted towards kids.

The Kurio is an Android-based slate, spruced up with a kid-friendly UI and behind-the-scenes parental controls. While adults can still use the Kurio as a fully-fledged fondleslab, the tablet is clearly aimed at children and it’s the security measures that really matter here.

It’s due to hit shelves in July and there are three models on the way. I will be keeping an eye on this one.

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