Cleaning up some code

It was in the middle of last year that I implemented what I rather ambitiously referred to as a wallpaper switcher for Gnome 2. What Macsen’s Transitioning Background does is generate an XML file based on the images in a selected folder and then let the Gnome background switcher handle the rest.

With the switch to Gnome 3 this functionality is no longer supported. At least, not as far as I can tell.

I do still like the idea of using an XML file to control the background and have been toying with the idea of knocking together myself. As a first step towards this, I have tidied up some of the code.

The latest version of the source can be found on GitHub. The generated XML can be used to power a transitioning background in Gnome 2 and – if I ever find the time – I will start knocking together something that will work under Gnome 3.

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