The Greatest Addiction Ever

It’s been a long weekend over which we have enjoyed one of the smellier parts of parenting, and one of those parts that no-one reeally talks about. But we’ve made it and I am now heading to work where I can enjoy the comparative peace of only having to deal with three simultaneous disasters.

So here’s a video tribute to the greatest drug ever discovered. I have the feeling that I may be getting through quite a lot of this today.

Via Unreasonable Faith

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Addiction Ever

  1. It’s CPG Grey. Cool. I considered his vids to be a valuable tool during the voting reform debacle here in Blighty. We still have rubbish FPTP but not for lack of trying.


  2. I think I saw his voting reform video – if it’s the one I’m thinking of, it was very good indeed. I still find it incredible that the UK voted to keep FPTP – it really is the worst of all possible worlds.


  3. I’m not as surprised. The right wing anti-voting reform pulled out all of the stops. Where I live they even hired pretty girls to hand out flyers containing gross misinformation. It was a very American style… debate.


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