This week I have been mostly listening to The Dark Clan

In terms of genre, The Dark Clan are all over the place. Personally, I think this is great but it does make it a little difficult to sum them up, so I shall leave that to

The Dark Clan is a heartbreakingly sincere, over-the-top, genre-bending good time. The music of The Dark Clan is filled with big pop hooks, big fat beats, big vocal harmonies, big guitar solos, and big serious fun.

I first heard about them by way of the Rathole Radio podcast and, on checking their Bandcamp page, discovered that they have a free sampler available. I downloaded it, have been listening to it for most of the week, and am liking it so much that I expect to be splashing out on one of their other albums in the very near future.

(Man With a) Clockwork Heart is still, for me, the high point of their musical output so far but I can’t help feeling that I should go back and listen to Goals again every time I start a new job, or embark on a new (work-related) project.

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