Le Sigh

Poster I have, on occasion, found myself disagreeing with others over whether cinema audiences are becoming more stupid. This results from widely different interpretations of and agreed observation. The point on which we all agree is that blockbusters are, generally speaking, becoming bigger, brasher, louder and emptier.

Some people see this and claim that, because of whatever technology or media they don’t like, attentions spans are getting shorter and modern audiences are incapable of following a 90 minute narrative unless it is frequently punctuated with really big explosions.

Although I would accept that there is a trend towards dumbness among blockbusters, the faulty lies with the studios rather than the audiences. The shorter version of this argument is that, as budgets rise, the studios putting up the money become increasingly conservative because they are less and less able to afford to frighten any part of the audience. Consequently, producers and accountants try (vainly) to quantify what works and end up insisting on the inclusion of really big explosions.

The end point of this line of reasoning, of course, is that studios should stop making ever more generic remakes of foreign and older films and start making films that are actually worth seeing.

So I am slightly saddened to have to acknowledge (via) that there really are some people who don’t deserve to be allowed into cinemas.

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