StarShipSofa has a little sister: Tales To Terrify

Launching, appropriately enough, on Friday 13th (hey, that’s today!) is a new horror podcast called Tales To Terrify. Normally this is a bit of news that would pretty much pass me by – I am already badly behind on my podcast listening, and horror is a genre that I have found myself reading a lot less of in recent years.

However, in this case I shall be making an exception and plugging it into my podcatcher just as soon as I get home. The reason: Tales To Terrify is a sister podcast to the ever-reliable (and award winning) StarShipSofa. When I subscribed to Black Static magazine, a few years ago, I did so entirely because it came from the same publisher as Interzone. This bit of randomness proved to be very successful for me and, in the case, of Tales of Terror, the risk is even lower.

I have a second reason for subscribing immediately. Lawrence Santoro. Again, if you have listened to the StarShipSofa for any length of time, you will have heard Larry’s name bandied around and you will probably have some sense of just how good a writer he is. Larry’s involvement certainly raises my expectations for this podcast.

And finally, the podcast is promising scary character driven horror and I’m in.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday 13th – I certainly intend to.