Happy New Year and all that

Five days into 2012 and it’s cold, wet and windy. Much the same as any northern January, really but we all made it one more time around the Sun and that’s as good an excuse as any to celebrate. And celebrate we did.

The start of a new calendar is also, for many people, a time to make unkeepable resolutions. This is something I try to avoid – unkeepable resolutions are things I make throughout the year – but one thing I do want to try to achieve this year is to keep this blog regularly updated. My target, at the moment, is to try and manage one post a day on whatever subject happens to catch my interest.

I don’t expect anyone to find all of it interesting to them and most people, I am sure, will find none of it to be particularly interesting. But that’s okay because I’m doing this for me.

And since I’m sitting here, getting all meta and stating the obvious, I have also been playing around with this blog’s theme options. It’s now a lot lighter and a little greyer and I am quickly getting used to it.

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