Dicetastic: A dice-rolling library with a simple command-line interface

When I started trying to teach myself to program in Python, one of the first applications I wrote (apart from the online and printed exercises I could find) was a simple dice rolling application. For a selected number of dice, it would calculate the rolls and return them as a list.

As time went on I tinkered with this a bit more, separating the guts of the application from the (admittedly simple) terminal interface. I have now cleaned this up a bit and put it on GitHub. Dicetastic consists of a library and a simple program that uses the library.

I’m not convinced that anyone will actually find this useful, but I do know that it isn’t doing anything just sitting on my hard drive.

I will put together a project page on this site for the application (probably tomorrow) but, for now, the code is up and you are welcome to take a look.

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