A demonstration of dishonest reporting from the Daily Mail


To be fair, the Mail knew that a verdict was expected but didn’t know the result. As such, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that they – and, I would assume, other news outlets – would have two versions of the story ready to go so that they could publish the breaking news as soon as it breaks.

The headline is sensationalist, but the first three paragraphs of the article are not unreasonable. Not unreasonable is not something the Daily Mail can do, though, so half-way through the article we have this:

And then it descends into outright fantasy:

All of these statements, all of these quotes, are entirely fictional.

People have, in the past, asked me what I have against the Daily Mail and this article sums it up nicely. The Mail is a dishonest, unreliable newspaper that is quite happy to invent facts in order to support its editorial line. The Daily Mail simply cannot be trusted… on anything.

Via the Coffee Loving Skeptic.

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