This week I have been mostly listening to Tequila Mockingbird

According to their Jamendo Page:

Denver-based band Tequila Mockingbird serves up a huge shot of genre-bending rock. Since 1996, their infectious repertoire of original, catchy tunes steeped in American roots music has been delighting audiences across the Rocky Mountain Region, proving they’ve got the drive, endurance, talent and stamina worthy of acclaim.

I can certainly agree with that. They have two albums on Jamendo, Alien-American and UFO and both are superb collections of infectiously catchy rock songs. So when I realised that they had another album, Luck and Trouble out on CD Baby, I ordered it immediately.

Check them out – you won’t regret it.

One thought on “This week I have been mostly listening to Tequila Mockingbird

  1. Thanks again! I am trying to track down all of the podcasts I have been in and keep track, and I am enjoying your site(s) a lot. I will send you my new solo acoustic mp3 in a couple of weeks and I am in the early planning stage of the next album! Keep in touch!


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