The Great Linux World Map

I’ve seen this Great Linux World Map, from Dedoimedo before, but seeing it again on Tentacled Monkey in Exile reminded me that I hadn’t mentioned it yet. And it’s certainlty worth a mention.

I particularly like the fact that I appear to be sailing northwards, having started out in The Great Communist Empire of Ubuntu I am now floating in the Sabayon Sea and wondering if – or when – I should attempt a landing in the Forbidden Land of Gentoo.

3 thoughts on “The Great Linux World Map

  1. It is a great map.

    I have thought about installing Arch in the past – the main thing that puts me off is that I keep hearing that it takes a while to get it properly configured, and that you need to know what you are doing. At present, I’m not sure that I have the time to devote to doing it right.

    One of these days I will give it a proper look, though.


  2. You’re right. Don’t attempt Arch until you are ready. it can be a pain to get set up right, especially on laptops, but once finished it is great and you know exactly what is on and how to fix anything on your machine.


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