Belgium, beer and bikes

Following on from the previous post, this evening I have been mostly drinking Krawatencross beer. I’d never heard of it before but, since it is the Luihoeve’s beer of the month, I thought I’d give it ago.

The beer itself is fine. It’s light and refreshing, a little darker than Duvel with a slightly stronger flavour and a much lower alcohol content (5.5%). It’s the sort of beer that I would quite happily drink all night without feeling any real desire to track it down again.

I was, however, quite struck by the beer’s logo so I looked it up. It’s a cyclocross event and from the videos on the site it looks to be quite a good one. We’re too late to see it this year but it’s something worth bearing in mind for next year.

Or 2014. They have a jeugdinitiatie which accepts entrants from the age of six.

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