As I scroll through my RSS reader, a couple of stories jumped out at me…

Pope to deliver Thought For The Day on Christmas Eve

Pope Benedict has recorded a Christmas message especially for the UK, to be broadcast by the BBC on Christmas Eve.

Ariz. Hospital May Lose Catholic Status Over 2009 Abortion Case

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz., will be stripped of its Catholic status on Friday unless Catholic Healthcare West meets several demands outlined in a Nov. 22 letter from Bishop Thomas Olmsted.

The issue stems from the 2009 decision by the hospital to authorize an abortion to save the life of a pregnant woman. The woman, who already had four children, was 11 weeks pregnant and had pulmonary hypertension, a rare condition in which continuing the pregnancy often jeopardizes the life of the woman. Physicians concluded that the placenta had to be removed to prevent the patient from dying.

Yes, you read that right. The Catholic Church believes that to be a good Catholic, a doctor must stand back and allow a mother of four to die. And the priests are going to throw a tantrum until they get their way.

Why the BBC is giving a platform to the leader of this vile death cult is beyond me.

(Credit: The Arizona Hospital Story came via Butterflies and Wheels. Ophelia Benson’s take on it is worth a read)

Update: Yahoo! Buzz sums up the news of the Pope’s message perfectly.

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