Simple Desktops

Anyone can create a desktop wallpaper these days, but that doesn’t mean everyone should. Searching for a wallpaper can all too often turn into a headache-inducing plough through bling-heavy disasters “designed” by people who seem to believe that if they have a filter they must use it.

Simple Desktops is something different.

Simple Desktops is a collection of desktop wallpapers curated by Tom Watson designed to make your computer beautiful without distraction.

At present, I’m very happy with the default Sabayon wallpaper as it does achieve the sort of elegant simplicity that is pleasant without being distracting. That said, if I do get bored of it before the next update I think Sharktopus may well be the way to go.

Sharktopus wallpaper

Thanks to Tentacled Monkey in Exile for the link.