A new laptop and time to try a new distro

I have already mentioned that my PC is getting on a bit, and that the CD/DVD drive is pretty shaky these days. A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to thinking about a replacement and, yesterday, it turned up making me the proud owner of a shiny blue Dell Inspiron 17R.

With the new hardware, I am also intending to take another look at Sabayon. This is a distro I played around with earlier this year and one that has a lot to like. It’s a solid – and gorgeous looking – distro that does a great job of handling whatever media you throw at it. This media-orientation is highlighted by the fact that the distro integrates the XBMC media centre very nicely – and this is something I do want to spend more time with.

I did run into some issues with the distro and, due to a combination of lack of time and only having one PC, eventually re-installed Ubuntu. Now, though, strikes me as being a good time to see if I can put together a laptop environment that fits what I want to do.

The first step was to squish Windows – or resize the Windows partition as small as it will go. And some credit should go to Microsoft here as Windows 7 does make it very easy to resize your OS partition. I still have the Dell Recovery partition to deal with but am intending to get rid of that when I am ready to start installing Sabayon.

The ISO is downloaded and has been burned to a DVD. So here goes…